Talking with a Sex Psychic

28thSep. × ’12

I wrote an ‘as told to’ with a phone sex psychic about her iiiiiiinteresting job. Check it out:

Most of the guys who call me do it on a lark. They find me on Niteflirt, which is an online directory for phone sex. I am the only “sex psychic” on the site which gives me an edge.

My profile on Niteflirt explains that the caller should come with a question. I can tell you how someone you are attracted to feels about you, I can tell you what your sexual nature was in a past life, I can help you embolden your lover and help her enjoy being slutty. (Which I mean in a sex-positive way!)

I always felt my life mission was to help in some way with our understanding of human sexuality. I want to help people feel more comfortable with their sexuality. I want to help create a sexually just society.

And I am psychic. I first knew it maybe twenty years ago when realized I was picking up on other people’s thoughts. So when people imagine being psychic they imagine it will be all mind-reading,100% telepathy. But psychic thought can also mean picking up on emotional feelings that aren’t yours. Or it can be picking up on visual thought. There are more ways of getting information than we acknowledge. The big giveaway is if it comes from out of nowhere then it probably isn’t yours.

Read the rest at Buzzfeed.

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