Some quick pieces I’ve written in the last ~Month or Whatever

13thDec. × ’12

The Last G-Chat in the Series  Buzzfeed| A Failed Foray into Polyamory: Romi and Nadia knew each other on the Internet. They were both photographers and bloggers, Nadia in New York City and Romi on the West Coast. The two had started following one another’s work, and soon they were e-mailing. Though they lived on opposite ends of the country, there was an intimacy in their exchanges that bordered on flirtation. When Nadia posted on her blog that she and her husband were thinking about trying non-monogamy, Romi decided to pounce. She tweeted, “I have a crush on a certain blogger and her blogger husband. Any guesses who?” Nadia tweeted back, “Its not us, is it??” “You are correct!” Romi responded.

What if it hadn’t been 50 Shades of Grey…but one of these instead? | TheFrisky  My mom never read erotica (that I know of) when I was growing up, but on a recent trip home I spotted a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey in the back seat of her car. “Mom, I can’t believe you’re reading that!” I screamed. ”I just read it for the sex,” she said, matter-of-factly.

UTIs becoming harder to Treat |Womens Health Bad news for chronic UTI sufferers: Urinary tract infectionsare becoming harder to treat with antibiotics, according to new research from Extending The Cure (ETC), a project of the Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics & Policy.

Girl Talk: Going to a Nude Beach made me Feel Better about Life | TheFrisky I am not a beach person. The way seagulls swoop over your head like rats with wings terrifies me. I hate that feeling of sand caked in every crevice. But when my friend Thomas invited my husband and I to a nude federal beach in New Jersey, rumored to be filled with spectacularly hung men and tanned, pierced women, I decided it was something worth trying.



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