Other People’s G-Chats: Queer Love in Jamaica

28thSep. × ’12

Raquelle says Jamaica can be a beautiful place to fall in love. She says Kingston is everything you see on travel ads with white sand soft as floor pillows. Though it also isn’t gay-friendly. And as much as she’d thought about escaping, Jamaica is home. Except it isn’t very hospitable for Raquelle and Jordin’s love. This is not a place where they can walk down the street holding hands.

Raquelle says sometimes when she and Jordin are walking down the street with a group of friends, a man passing by will cat-call Jordin, making sexual comments. Raquelle doesn’t understand it. Maybe because Jordin wears male-identified clothing, they need to bring her down? It makes Raquelle nervous but she keeps a strong face for Jordin.

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