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One of the more taboo topics people and couples are afraid of is porn. When you talk about close-door activities, people get really uncomfortable. I for one want to break the silence and discuss how I believe that watching porn is okay for couples.

I relate alcohol to porn. In my opinion, many people are responsible when they drink alcohol. They don’t get behind a car and drive and they don’t become ragging alcoholics. Sure, there are those who go off the deep-end and use it irresponsibly and get addicted, and it effects their personal life. But for the most part, alcohol is a great social inhibitor.

I view porn in the same way. Yes, there those who get addicted to it and it effects their love life, and they get a skewed view of what their sex life should be. However, I have spoken to so many people on how watching porn has in fact enhanced their sex life. It can certainly make your sex life kinkier. Heck, if you’re a voyeur, watching porn is a huge turn-on.

If you’re open to talking about porn with your significant other, you should open up the communication line and discuss bringing it into your sex life.

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