Heartbreaking News

My main intention is to keep this blog easy-going and discuss topics of sex. Possibly talking about taboo topics that make some people uncomfortable, but it has been recently brought to my attention of a poor girl who committed suicide due to alleged sexual abused fromĀ a family member.

The most disturbing part of this story is that the girl (name not needed – I’m sure you can Google the story) was only 12 years old and she filmed herself committing suicide on Facebook Live. Unfortunately, some online sources have posted the video for others to see. Law enforcement officials are trying to get all copies of the video down. Some people think that posting the video will raise awareness of suicide, but I firmly believe that’s in bad taste. You don’t need to show that to bring awareness to people.

What I find so heartbreaking is the fact that this poor girl felt so emotionally distressed that she felt compelled to do that. I’m sure the betrayal she felt was overwhelming. My guess, the sexual abuse came from someone she really trusted and looked-up to. My prayers are with this family.

If you or someone you know are suffering from sexual abuse, please talk to someone.