This is the personal blog of Journalist/Essayist/Writerist Rachel Rabbit White. Rabbit is her real middle name.

Her stories have been featured in Cosmopolitan, The New York Observer, Jezebel, The Atlantic.com and lots of other places. Rachel’s work has taken her on a variety of adventures– from posing as a sugar baby, to being trained as an abortion doula to investigating allegations of prostitution at the nation’s oldest Latino drag bar. The latter of which earned her a spot in The Best Sex Writing of 2012 anthology. She lives in New York City with her husband, Edmund X White (sometimes referred to as Ned, a childhood nickname) and Finn, mostly referred to as “cat”.

As a blogger she founded the projects Lady Porn Day and No Make up Week and has been profiled by CNN, ABC.com, Aol, Huffington Post and more. It is this avenue that once led her to go on Korean national television wearing no make-up. She still has no idea what happened there.

 Rachel has a blog, a twitter, a tumblr and a YouTube channel.