We Should All Live in Europe

So I was trolling the internet the other day and came across this site that promotes nudism. I’ve always thought of nudist camps as something that older people (you know, 50 and older) gravitate to. I never thought of it as a sexual enlightenment… I mean, who would get-off looking at elderly bodies? But this site raised an eyebrow when I saw such young people at these nude camps.

Here in Europe, the naked body is not something to be prude about. In fact, we embrace our bodies. It’s not uncommon for other countries, such as the US to be really uncomfortable with the naked body. Since I’ve been living in Europe for most of my adult life, I head to my favorite nude beaches. Part of it is to take in the scenery and the other part is to feel comfortable with my body. It’s freeing…


But when I came across this nudist site I felt a little uncomfortable with their Family Nudist Camps. As I stated earlier, I’m okay with adults consenting and going to places in which they understand their environment. However, is it okay to take an 11 year old boy to a nudist camp? I could go on and on with the ramifications of such an environment for a young kid or a sexual predator.

This site even goes into the topic of Blended Family Nudism. Of course you need to be a member to view that material. As progressive as I am, that’s even a topic I don’t want to discuss.

What are your thoughts?

Heartbreaking News

My main intention is to keep this blog easy-going and discuss topics of sex. Possibly talking about taboo topics that make some people uncomfortable, but it has been recently brought to my attention of a poor girl who committed suicide due to alleged sexual abused from a family member.

The most disturbing part of this story is that the girl (name not needed – I’m sure you can Google the story) was only 12 years old and she filmed herself committing suicide on Facebook Live. Unfortunately, some online sources have posted the video for others to see. Law enforcement officials are trying to get all copies of the video down. Some people think that posting the video will raise awareness of suicide, but I firmly believe that’s in bad taste. You don’t need to show that to bring awareness to people.

What I find so heartbreaking is the fact that this poor girl felt so emotionally distressed that she felt compelled to do that. I’m sure the betrayal she felt was overwhelming. My guess, the sexual abuse came from someone she really trusted and looked-up to. My prayers are with this family.

If you or someone you know are suffering from sexual abuse, please talk to someone.

MOFOS Discount

One of the more taboo topics people and couples are afraid of is porn. When you talk about close-door activities, people get really uncomfortable. I for one want to break the silence and discuss how I believe that watching porn is okay for couples.

I relate alcohol to porn. In my opinion, many people are responsible when they drink alcohol. They don’t get behind a car and drive and they don’t become ragging alcoholics. Sure, there are those who go off the deep-end and use it irresponsibly and get addicted, and it effects their personal life. But for the most part, alcohol is a great social inhibitor.

I view porn in the same way. Yes, there those who get addicted to it and it effects their love life, and they get a skewed view of what their sex life should be. However, I have spoken to so many people on how watching porn has in fact enhanced their sex life. It can certainly make your sex life kinkier. Heck, if you’re a voyeur, watching porn is a huge turn-on.

If you’re open to talking about porn with your significant other, you should open up the communication line and discuss bringing it into your sex life.

I know that porn is not an inexpensive hobby (if you will). So today I’m letting you in on a great site to save a little money. I hope it closes your wallet just a little bit more and opens your mind to having some mind-blowing sex with your partner. If you go here, you can get a Mofos discount. Mofos is a leader in the porn industry, and they have a wide variety of porn for you to watch. Enjoy!